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Our Story

The idea for Just Cooking was born in April 2015, while on a drive in Niagara’s wine country through Vineland.

My wife Amy, daughter Rachel and I, found a small building for lease…formerly “About Thyme Bistro”.

To say that this place beckoned me may be a bit much but, it certainly was ingrained in me from then on and the former name was quite a pun.

I’ve spent 10 years away from the restaurant business working for Atlas Van Lines Canada.  A totally unrelated business in the relocation industry.  These 10 years were my best 10 by far.  I watched my wife give birth to Rachel, and watched my little girl grow.  I could not have done that working as a chef.

Now, as the former name suggested, it is time.  My wife and I decided instead of renting we would buy the building.

We got started right away but it was a slow process while I kept my day job! My passion was always a rustic style of Italian food.  A menu inspired by the food that warms people and made entirely from scratch with locally sourced (as much as possible!) produce and meats.

Our hope for the future is for this restaurant to become a favorite amongst locals and a destination for others traveling the wine route.

We welcome you to visit our restuarant, sample a taste of our unique menu, and explore the scenic 20 Valley Wine Region.